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MEDITEX is an invention and business development incubator dedicated to new medical technologies and healthcare services. We invent, design, develop, and commercialize innovative solutions for medical and healthcare industry. The main focus of MEDITEX is on early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease as well as home or mobile-based preventive healthcare solutions. Using a business incubator portfolio approach, our experienced management team of medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, and business experts in collaboration with other entrepreneurs and investors transform early stage ideas into viable commercial products and companies. MEDITEX has received approval from United States' government (USCIS) to serve as an EB5 Regional Center in Texas. MEDITEX is authorized to receive foreign investments up to $100 Million from as many as 200 investors. Each $500,000 to $1 Million investment provides foreign investors and their family members a US Permanent Residency status (Green Card). For more information please contact us